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Manufacturing process| Die casting

Manufacturing process| Die casting


Die casting is the first step in processing and production. Whether the processing parameters of the die casting machine are reasonable or not directly affects the production efficiency of the die casting. In the processing of zinc alloy die-casting production, there are many factors affecting the filling and forming of alloy liquid, such as injection speed, injection pressure, filling time, die-casting mold temperature, etc.  

1 Filling speed.

 Affected by the thermodynamic characteristics of zinc alloy, zinc alloy liquid has a fast heat transfer rate to the mold, and has a large solidification interval and poor fluidity. In order to improve the production effect of the die casting, it is necessary to avoid premature casting of the alloy liquid and to ensure the zinc alloy liquid. It can fill the cavity at high speed and smoothly. Under normal circumstances, the flow rate of the runner can be 90-100 m/s, wherein for thin-wall die-casting, the gate runner speed can be controlled at about 20 m/s.

2 Location of the gate.

Generally, zinc alloy die-casting parts are thin-walled parts, and the solidification speed of the alloy liquid is fast. For the determination of the position of the gate, the surface of the cavity should be directly impacted, so that the alloy liquid can keep the shortest path flowing inside the cavity, avoiding the flow. Insufficient cast or cold insulation. 

3 Filling time.

The filling time is closely related to the speed of the runner, especially for thin-walled castings with high surface quality requirements, so it usually takes 10 to 100 ms. 

4 Inlet size.

When producing zinc alloy die-casting parts, the width of the gate should be controlled to less than 50% of the wall thickness to avoid damage to the casting during trimming. In order to minimize the thickness of the gate and ensure that the zinc alloy die-casting parts meet the requirements of thin walls, the cross-sectional area of the gate should be expanded as much as possible.

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