Women's Most Preferred Accessories

by:MYJOY     2020-05-09
Women and accessory always go hand in hand because one cannot just imagine women and girls without accessories. Imagining women without accessories is to imagine trees without branches. Women love wearing accessories because it makes them look gorgeous and beautiful. In short we can say that accessories give women a complete look. With so many different accessories to choose from it is vital to choose the right accessory. In this article we would majorly be discussing about the most preferred accessory by women. Here is a list of accessories which every woman would crave for. Jewelry Starting with jewelry there are good variety of options to choose from. Jewelry with unique shapes, designs and material are very easily available these days. Jewelries include necklaces, bangles, earrings, nose rings etc. All jewelries are available in different materials like plastic, metal, gold, silver, glass, stone, beads, white metal and many more. Necklaces with unique shapes and long dangling earrings are the most sought after jewelry these days. Jewelry available in different materials differs variedly from each other. Women could choose to wear jewelry according to their costume. As women are looked upon as fashion quotient jewelry is the first most preferred accessory. Hand accessories Today hand accessories are not restricted to bangles of plastic, metal and glass. One can surely find bracelets, heavy bangles and light bangles of every color and shape in women's wardrobe. Hands accessories are those which go well in traditional as well as casual outfits. Heavy designed bangles go well with sari, salwar and Anarkalis while trendy and simple accessories go well on jeans and kurtis. Popular shapes available in hand accessories are square, oval, rectangle and heart shaped. Footwear Women are just not satisfied even when they own half a dozen different pairs of footwear of different types. Though earlier footwear was not given a lot of importance today we see they also hold an important position. With the change in time we see a unique shift in the trend of footwear. There are those sandals which are worn on usual salwar kameez while one can see women and girls wearing trendy chapples on jeans and short pants. One can also see many women wearing long kneeled boots which were once worn by those cow boys on the right kind of costume. The traditional 'mojris' and 'jooties' have again made a comeback which is ethically worn for marriages and other grand functions. Handbags It's just impossible for some women to go out without a handbag. Most of the women prefer carrying hand bags while they are travelling the reason behind carrying a handbag is they can dump all their necessary things inside it. In a handbag woman have the confidence that everything is safe inside. Earlier only working women used to carry handbag but today with classy chic looking handbags one can see every woman, girl carrying one. Handbags are indeed very comfortable to carry as they enhance the beauty of your overall look. Handbags are very easily available in different sizes of which some prefer a sleek rectangular clutch while some prefer big handbags, working women however prefer a decent handbag with lot of compartments. Hair accessories Hair accessories have become a hot trend today as we see teenage girls and young ladies wearing coloured tic-tac pins. Apart from funky pins we have hair clips and hair bands of different shapes and sizes. The latest trend however is those hair extensions which is popular among college girls. Stoles, scarf's Scarfs are today no more seen as a winter wear as we see ladies wearing them on kurtis. Scarfs of different colours are worn on neck and are used to cover ears and head during cold winter mornings. Now, as we see the latest trend is that of stole which looks classy when worn over jeans and kurti. A stole is basically longer than a scarf and shorter than a shawl. Stole can either be draped around the shoulder or could be tied as a knot around the neck. In this article I have managed to portray the most preferred women accessories I am sure all women and ladies out there will surely gain good tips from this article. I am sure after reading this article all you ladies are going to set out for a shopping spree. So, grab the opportunity of owning the latest trendy accessories.
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