The Story of Chanel Bag Origin

by:MYJOY     2020-05-16
To have a Chanel brand bags is almost all women's fashion dream. Bird could not be any classic Chanel classic quilted flap bags silver package through the trials and hardships, which is still able to appear in Chanel counter in and never out of style called the eternal fashion. Chanel Lady (GABRIELLE CHANEL) was born in 1883 and died in 1971. COCO is her pet name. Although she left us a long time, the classic style has been the originator of the fashion world. Three to four decades during thee World War II,Coco Chanelshopped in her son off and fell love with a Nazi officer fled to Switzerland. In 1954, Coco returned to France and made a comeback, with her usual style of simple nature of the women, quickly re-captured public Bali Shi women. Short, thick coats and bell-bottoms are the works of post-war periodCoco Chanel. Or just talking about post-war Chanel style has remained simple and expensive Lai. The use of Tartan plaid or Nordic geometric print often spend tweed (tweed) to make clothing comfortable and natural. Her favorite black and white was for a beautiful illusion, to achieve an absolute beauty and perfect harmony. She left many of the popular view, becoming the guiding spirit of this era of direct popular teacher. She believed both inside and outside the United States referring to the United States, although the epidemic continued to introduce new. But the style will never be eliminated. At the same time, she was convinced that 'simple' is to show the best way to a better texture and she left the classic design including: NO.5 perfume, tweed, two-tone shoes, little black dress, etc., the classic is in favor of letting women accessories empty hands and worn out leather handbag with chain. Her beloved camellias are still blooming in the relief pattern in satin evening bag. Chanel did not marry and she created a great fashion empire, while pursuing the life you want, which itself is the best example of female independence. But she also understood the feelings of the most fun a new era of women. Even until the age of 70, she still returned her serve. Chanel Groupwas created in 1983 by Karl Lagerfeld as the fashion director of new products every quarter, but it still has the spirit of the design concept of Chanel.
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