The Stories of Chanel 2.55 Bag

by:MYJOY     2020-05-16
Past century, CHANEL bag has been a separated brand. Unlike other fashionable manufactures which expanded vigorously, CHANEL retains her special character and refuses other groups join in, just like a pure and noble grand lady. In the classic productions family, little black dress, tweed suits, the classic No. 5 perfume and the CHANEL2.55 bags may be the queens among the families. Here I want to tell some stories about CHANEL 2.55 bags, to appreciate her attractive charming. 2.55 mean it was born in February 1955. In February that year, COCO lady introduced a simple but elegant package whose body was decorated with diamond checks by mean of quilting technology. And the added gold chain strap helped women to get rid of the inconvenience when women carried her bags. As it is so beautiful and convenient, this kind of bag was sought after by many people as soon as it born. Her name is simple just named after her birthday ------ February 1955. COCO CHANEL once said to liberate the female body, naturally including the liberation of their hands. In the 1950s, she felt that more and more women were taking on social roles, women bag should be suitable and decent for their jobs, so she started to improve the CHANEL fashion bags which were already well famous among fashionable bags in that time. Practicability and convenience should become more important for the female work women. So the gold straps were added to the traditional fashionable handbags. This was the first shoulder strap bag in the field of luxury design. Shoulder strap bags were related to the works of working class rather than elegant aristocratic ladies in that era. The classical 2.55 bags were designed with three inner pockets; the smallest one was designed to put lipstick. The design owning so wonderful detail was still very rare at that time. Each Chane2.55 handbag must go through tailoring, fitting, sewing, cutting, stitching, fitted with zippers, grommets ...... a series of embedded processes, all of the handbags are from a factory near Paris, what's more, in addition to leather and lining cutting are accomplished assisted with sewing machine, other steps require six workers to spend 10 hours by hand. After 180 procedures, a qualified CHANEL bag can just regarded as the qualified one. CHANEL bags are becoming more and more famous among fashionable women. And you can buy one with compared less money in the Internet. Type CHANEL 2.55 bags and find one just for you.
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