The Fashion Forward Grandma

by:MYJOY     2020-05-20
Were you born sometime between the Suffrage Movement and the Flower Power generation? If yes, you've experienced life, raised children, gone through the highs and lows of parenting, and now you are probably enjoying the blessing of being called, 'grandma'. Despite how popular media likes to portray grandmas in movies, TV shows, and video games, grandmas aren't goofy sweater wearing, clog sporting, cane hauling, biddies with medieval eyeglass holders. Today's grandma is a fashion forward grandma. She has as much class, sophistication, and 'rawr' factor as a woman 20 years younger than her, and still has the bonus of being grandma to her grandkids. Today's grandmother can have the best of both worlds, and here are a few ideas that take you from grandma 'unnoticed' to grandma 'Wow'. Don't Knock the Sweater The dreaded Christmas sweaters that some grandmothers gift to their older grandchildren are just a ruse grandma's use so they can empty their closets of the horrible things, and get a kick out of the look of horror on their grand-child's face when they open their present. Those goofy, brightly colored, crazy pattern sweaters aren't the total 'grandma package'-there are sweaters out there that can make grandma look great. Sweaters knit with cashmere, soft wool, and other super soft fibers, are all the rage, and they are especially trendy when worn loose and long, and cinched at the waist with a simple chain belt. Glamorous Eyewear When you picture the typical grandma of the 20th century, you see her wearing large bug eyed glasses with chunky eyeglass holders attached to hideous eyeglass chains. Fortunately, that isn't the case with the 21st century grandmother or the modern eyeglass holders and eyeglass chains. Today, you can get chic and stylish eyeglass holders that are meant to emphasize the beauty of the woman, and the eyeglass chains are hand made using beads of all shapes, sizes, and colors so coordinating with an outfit or mood is totally possible, and absolutely encouraged. Shoes and the Moves As a grandma, you may assume that your shoe shopping consists of a visit to the podiatrist for a pair of handmade orthopedic support shoes that look more like wooden clogs than night out on the town pumps, but we know better! Just because your body is a little older and your bones need a bit more support doesn't mean that you have to wear clunky shoes instead of stylish pumps with foot support insoles. The beauty of shoes is that there are so many different types. You can wear open toed shoes, high heel stilettos (if you're brave enough), fashionable flats, flirty sandals, or pumps that pump up the WOW factor in your look. Handbag Hallelujah Along with glamorous chain belts, exciting eyeglass chains, and beautiful shoes, the best accessory for the fashion forward grandma is the stylish handbag. Handbags comes in all different sizes and capacities, and can go with a sleek evening dress, or be great for a day out on the beach. Handbags are meant to be worn and seen, and you can be seen as a sophisticated lady of years with the perfect handbag, shoe, and eyeglass holder combination. Being a grandma today doesn't mean style and fashion no longer have a place in your life. It actually means you can have more fun you're your wardrobe. It's a time to throw caution to the wind, and create a whole new look.
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