The Designer Handbag And Purse

by:MYJOY     2020-05-21
Today, the designer purse and handbag are considered as much a woman's style and fashion as any other accessory or piece of clothing in her wardrobe. Designer purses and handbags are ideal items giving your outfits that finishing that, allowing you to optimally mix and match styles. Designer purses, wallets and handbags can come at a rather heavy cost, and as a result creates an entire business environment for the faux designer purse and handbag. It can be very difficult to note the difference between the real or faux version of a handbag or purse, because of the attention to detail. Unless the price is of no object to you, the designer purses and handbags can ideally be substituted with their faux brand counterparts. There really is no difference opting to go down this route when it comes to designer wear. The cost of the authentic fashion accessory can be so overpriced, that it affectively creates its own competition. I know many of the top designers do not like this development, but when you consider the inflated pricing of their purses and handbags, they are the main cause for the problems that they are now facing. There is no problem when a product is priced reasonably for its uniqueness, but if you price that product to high, then you effectively create a parallel market that is capable of duplicating your product and selling it at a price that is significantly lower, because of the relatively cheap costs of manufacturing. Yes, there are patent and copyright laws, but the ridiculous pricing of these products is an issue that cannot be easily ignored. The designer purse, wallet and handbag are accessories that will for the time being, also be a part of a woman's fashion sense, there's no question about that, but to try and impose restrictions on faux designer wear is a pointless endeavour. They are parallel markets, which mean they both drive one another, with supply and demand being driven by desire and costs. When I look at purses and handbags, it's the colours and level of coordination that I noticed most, not whether it's a faux or real fashion accessory. If the purse or handbag is able to compliment a woman's outfit, then that's all that should matter for the woman wearing that winning combination. Whether it's a real or faux handbag or purse, is an issue that will always create division between those who are for it and those who aren't.
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