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  PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition. It is a process carried out under high vacuum and, in most cases, at temperatures between 302 and 932 ℉

  PVD is a plating process that cost more than plating. But it outperforms traditional plating techniques in terms of durablility , environmental protection, and reactivity to human skin. The use of this plating process within the luxury industry has increased dramatically and has now become the preferred choice for many brands. The price competitiveness of real gold plating have been particularly attractive to global luxury brands.


Benefits of PVD technology:

1.Superior Wear Resistance

2.Superior Corrosion Resistance

3.Superior Chemical Resistance

4.Low Coefficient of Friction

5.Excellent Adhesion

6.Brilliant Decorative Finish

7.High Hardness (2nd to Diamond)

8.Uniform Coating

9.Will not Chip, Tarnish or Fade

10.Low Maintenance

11.Environmentally Friendly Process

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