Summer Designer Handbags Boast Hot Colors And

by:MYJOY     2020-05-22
This year's summer designer handbags are hotter than ever, offering a range of colors and styles to complete your wardrobe. Whether opting for the ease of a single bag that is versatile enough to go with all of your clothing choices, or selecting a different bag to compliment each of your favorite outfits, this year's handbag shopping promises fun and excitement. Designers have not held back on color, pattern or trim, evidenced by handbag styles that graced the fashion runway this season. The handbag has become the exclamation point to punctuate this summer's outfits. The statements are bold and emphatic. The most striking facet of this season's handbags is the bold color trend, designed to match every hue in this summer's wardrobe, including violet, electric blue, red, turquoise, jade green and tangerine. Women can now relive the thrill that children have experienced when opening a new box of crayons as they browse the handbag display in their favorite boutique. Brilliant neon also packs a powerful punch this season, in shades like hot pink, green and bright yellow. For a cooler and more understated incorporation of color, muted shades of green such as mint are also gracing the handbag scene. For those with simpler classic tastes, the spectrum of nude shades is more feminine than ever, with the subtle blending of pale blushing pink or peach tones to lightly accent those delicate summer white or cream ensembles. Animal prints are a highly coveted pattern yet again this season, from leopard spots to zebra stripes and python skin to crocodile hide. These patterns are often colorized. Also popular for this summer are seaside and nautical patterns, including seashells, ship anchors and coral. Textures such as basket weaves and crochet are stylish additions to the handbag collection for 2012. Some totes with elaborately stitched patterns have been waterproofed, making them very attractive accompaniments to the beach chair or picnic blanket. This summer's handbags benefit from the addition of metallic embellishments, such as chain handles, ornate closures and designer plaques. No wardrobe, whether trendy, classic, casual or formal, is complete without at least one handbag in basic black. Every wardrobe's handbag shelf should begin with a black bag that will make a statement with any outfit. Additional bags in favorite color trends will further broaden the collection. Whether one prefers clutches, satchels, hobos or totes, almost anything goes when it comes to shape. A small handheld clutch is a classy statement with dressy attire; larger variations of the clutch offer the ability to cart all necessary daily items including tablet notebooks. For those who prefer to lug only the bare necessities, the downsized bag is a trendy option, just large enough for a smart phone, a lipstick, identification and some cash and/or credit cards. On the opposite end of the size spectrum, tote styles lend a carryall advantage on those quick weekend excursions to the park, village or farmer's market. When shopping for summer designer handbags, the array of colors and styles available this year will dazzle and delight every woman. The chic handbags of this season will highlight every outfit and offer functionality as well. The theme for this summer's handbags says be bold, be daring and make a statement.
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