Standout Handbags For Work Play And Everything In Between

by:MYJOY     2020-05-24
The impression you make on others often lies in the details. Accessories such as a standout handbag can illuminate any outfit and will surely garner plenty of compliments and attention. But how can a working woman find the perfect handbag for work, play and everything in between? The answer is simple and comes in 3 words: Swarovski Crystal Ritz Handbags. These Ritz handbags are the absolute perfect, most chic handbag a woman can buy. What are Swarovski Crystal Ritz Handbags? These coveted Ritz handbags are named after Daniel Swarovski of Austria who in the late 1890's opened a revolutionary crystal cutting factory. Swarovski crystals are now used to make a multitude of opulent items, such as sculptures and miniatures, jewelry, home decor and accessories, such as handbags. Now more popular than ever, Swarovski Crystal Ritz handbags come entirely beaded with Swarovski crystals. These exquisite and dazzling Ritz handbags will standout for work, play and everything in between with their famous sleek look that comes in silver, black, gunmetal or gold-toned hardware and push-lock closures. Each Ritz handbag is beautifully lined with soft leather, chosen in a color to complement its exterior. A 40 inch gold or silver shoulder chain strap is tucked into the interior of every Ritz handbag, allowing the option of using it as a shoulder bag or as a clutch, which is perfect for a woman transitioning from work to a night on the town. The most and versatile Ritz handbags are the contemporary, animal print and solid color styles. Contemporary Ritz Handbags The contemporary Ritz handbag collection allows any woman to maintain a trendy look, but still remain chic and timeless. But if you covet the unique, you'll certainly turn heads with some of the following contemporary style Ritz handbags. The Kiera Bag exudes a cool feel with its blue crystals designed in a wave-type pattern. An appropriate style and color for work, this bag will promise to come alive at night with its deep blues and eye-popping turquoise crystals reflecting in the night light. The Kiera bag has silver hardware and a push-lock and comes lined with silver leather. The Eve Bag and Lorna Bags show similar patterns, but come in different colors. Both Ritz handbags display a vine-like pattern reminiscent of the classic motifs found in nature. The Eve Bag comes in a forest green color and has silver hardware and push-lock. The Lorna Bag shows off more autumnal coloring of smoky topaz draped in gold Swarovski crystals, enmeshed in gold hardware and push-up lock. If you love color, prepare to rendezvous with the Lola Bag, which features color bursts of aqua, pink and bronze crystals. Each burst has an orange and gold crystal center. The handbag's clasp is a push-lock in silver hardware, topped with a single larger silver crystal. Animal Print Ritz Handbags Animal print patterns may strike you as too flashy for work, but appropriate for a night out. However, the Swarovski Crystal Ritz Handbags are classier than other animal print handbags. For example, the Sabrina bag has a soft, golden hue with a tiger-inspired pattern. This Ritz handbag is perfect for work, too, because it has a roomy (and luxurious gold leather doesn't hurt) interior to carry the essentials any woman needs to transform from a working woman into the life of the party. While a fun bag to carry to work, it's a handbag that will show off your wilder side at night. While the Sabrina bag has a golden brown and gold hue, the Kerry bag has a dramatic black and silver pattern inspired by the rare snow leopard. Whereas the Sabrina bag has gold hardware, the Kerry bag is lind in silver leather and has silver hardware. Solid Color Ritz Handbags For shimmering gold, you'll want to consider the Abbey and Darla bags. For a brownish hue, the Candy and Karen bags will prove perfect picks. The Ebony bag and Michelle bag were made for the woman who likes the versatile, classic black style. But the silver Ritz handbags such as the Julia bag, Liz bag, and Marissa bag (all in different shapes and sizes) also convey timelessness as well. If you want a solid color Swarovski Crystal Ritz Handbag with a bit more pizzazz, the Rachel bag will not only dazzle those around you, it's destined to take your breath away and become a choice piece in your closet as well. What makes this bag unique is its half moon shape that is roomy and lined with metallic leather. The handbag's clasp is a push-lock in gunmetal hardware encircled with small Swarovski crystal and topped with a single larger silver crystal. Swarovski Crystal Ritz Handbags will leave a lasting impression on your coworkers, friends, family and everyone in between, so get ready for the steady stream of compliments!
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