New Released Channel Bag

by:MYJOY     2020-06-01
New released Channel bag Each season, with the super craftsmanship ideas of designers, CHANEL classic rhombus stripe can be transferred into different materials, colors and transferred styles. No matter the dual rhombus stripe handbag matched with the base color of coffee and red mixed line or rhombus stripe handbags equipped with classic brand pearl on the edge of entire bags, even it nailed with rivet, wrapped the fringe on the whole bag body didn't change the elegant of this brand a little bit. For this reason, women are crazy for it and willing to purchase it with countless quantity and endless time. In CHANEL boutiques, from the moment you stepped into the store, you will find you have entered a grand art gallery of CHANEL. In the counter and shelves displayed the CHANEL boutiques, which are brimming with the elegant and grace sense of this brand. In addition to jewelry, glasses, wrist watch and limited edition 200 ml perfume, the most products customers can find is its CHANNEL 2.55 handbags. Featured in silver or gold chain, Channel 2.55 handbags with exquisite sheepskin or soft light calf leather nearly fill the exhibition stand on the two sides of a wall. Of course its price are extremely high whose unit prices are nearly 3000USD In 1955 it was the postwar materials, the period of the relative lack of waste materials to use became the fashion, the people that someone USES a lot of parachute cut into marriage gauze, and in order to save the leather, the practice of ms Chanel is simply Chanel suit in the bottom of the gold chain off, and leather intertwined, make it mix of aglet. And this was the first luxury goods of a shoulder strap design bag, aglet wrapped in the s has been and labor class workers not elegant miss beauties links with the luxury handbags, introduced in the shoulder with design elements, have to admire the courage that stylist. This is miss chanel said, 'the liberation of the female body, nature also to liberate their hands' best confirm. In the 1950 s, she inductive women to perform in more and more social role, and they have a job, have a family, to take the plane, also need to drive themselves. The past that must always be knead in his KunBao become burdensome and inappropriate; She ably 'transplantation' a narrow straps in the package, design into a inclined backpack. So, the first used in military backpack braces, finally entered the fashionable field. Although handbag is gifted with multiple meanings by times, it is not only a container in which you can put your stuff but a reflection mirror of your taste, fortune, appreciate standard, sensitive to fashion and individual life habit. However, nobody can say Channel bag of 50 years ago can fit for this standard for this bag always show people an unchangeable appearance. It seems like this bag will never connect to fashion a little bit. But it is amazing channel bag who are capturing almost all space of exquisite store all over the world and attract countless women coming here to bring it home. And also it is this amazing bag which drives many fashion women crazy. Thus it become the dream fashion must-have of fashionistas. For
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