My List of The Best Designer Handbags

by:MYJOY     2020-06-01
The designer handbag is amongst one of the most sought after items by women today. The label with the designers name along with the intricate and innovative designs is what the women are after. It's the designer bag that gives an outfit that overall finishing touch. The fashion week held in New York present creations from designers on a yearly basis. At the latest one everything from accessories to clothing was displayed. However, amongst all the items that were shown, the one thing that grabbed the attention of most women was the designer handbag, in its numerous colours and innovative designs. There were many different totes, handbags and clutches, displayed in innovative styles. Taking a quick peek at the some of the designer purses and bags Ralph Lauren: The collection of bags from Ralph Lauren that were shown was in a significant range of bags that were display in numerous shapes and styles. The most notable thing about these bags is that they were created using premium leather and they represented both class and style. These bags were put together with coordinating clothing, in a beautiful and elegant manner. Basic earthly colours were used such as brown and black for the bags. A black leather bag which resembled a briefcase was one of the most innovative designs there. Tommy Hilfiger: The collection of bags created by Tommy Hilfiger came in a number of vibrant colours, designed from numerous kinds of fabric. There was a showcase of numerous fabrics as well as denim and blue leather. These items were worn by models who displayed the numerous chain bags and clutches. Blue was the most commonly used colour. Mulberry: The numerous Mulberry handbags that were featured were very flirty yet intricate in design. It was a very appealing collection that was made even more appealing by the panther cover and beaded curtains. There was a variety of bags such as a leopard print bag, chain strapped Edna and taupe shoulder bag. Many of these bags had matching shoes to complement them. Derek Lam: This collection was made up of mainly bags and numerous belts. There were a number of hoboes and totes that were well put together. Derek Lam is mainly known for its clutches. You won't find a display that does not feature at least one. That is the main reason why so many edgy clutches were showcased in this collection, successfully grabbing the attention of the masses. Designer bags are known mainly for their durability and innovative designs. That is the main reason why such bags are highly sought after by the most stylish women.
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