Must-have Fashion Accessories

by:MYJOY     2020-06-02
Fashion accessories go a long way in lending voice to your overall style statement. There are a variety of accessories available in the markets, in diverse designs and at various prices. Choose the accessories carefully so that they match both your dress as well as your budget. Here is a list of popular women fashion accessories: Bangles and bracelets- You can wear bangles or bracelets of various colors, which match your outfits. A thin bracelet with a formal outfit make you look more elegant and fashionable. You can even go for bangle bracelets. They are made of plastic, clay, wood, gold, silver, or other materials and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Cocktail rings- Cocktail rings are one of the most popular contemporary fashion trends. They are less pricey and can be worn with any outfit - formal or casual. Cocktail rings have colorful stones and can be found in various sizes. Since they are affordable and come in various colors and designs, you can buy several sets and match them with your dresses. Shoes and Boots- Classy shoes have a significant role to play in bringing the desired completeness to your getup. You can choose from different types of shoes, like pumps, sling backs, wedge sandals, flip-flops, Espadrilles, sneakers, sandals, platform shoes, ballet flats and boots. There are different types of boots available in the market as well. They are found in different sizes, such as ankle length, mid high, and knee length boots. Leather boots enjoy the maximum popularity. Boots may be found in a variety of designs, like those with stones studded on it, those with buckles and other such sophisticated styles. Boots go best with skirts, skinny jeans or leggings. Handbag - A handbag is a very handy as well as fashionable item to carry valuable items like money, debit/credit card(s), car keys, make up items and other such important things. Designer handbags can really take up your style quotient by several notches. Belts- Belts can be of various sizes. You can flaunt your slim waist by tucking your shirt in your pants and wearing a trendy slim belt. Big belts also look very fashionable, but you need to be careful to choose just the right outfits to go with them. Scarves- This is a rather cute and elegant fashion accessory, which can be found in various colors and fabrics like silk, linen, cotton and wool. You can simply hang a scarf around your neck, or tie it in a fashionable style to sport a unique, attractive look. Hats and headgear- Another important fashion accessory that can really enhance your style statement is a hat or other such fashionable and trendy headgears. Different types of popularly worn hats include babet, beret, canotier hats, cloche, derby hats and crinoline hats. Head bands - Head bands come in a variety of colors, sizes and widths. Sunglasses- A pair of stylish sunglasses can serve as a great fashion accessory. You can try sunglasses with floral prints, if you are wearing a bright-colored outfit. Side-detailed sunglasses generally go well with any nice, sophisticated dress. Aviator sunglasses, which were more popular in the 80's, have also made a comeback in the recent fashion trends. There are a number of other fashion accessories available in the market as well. The above list would give you some idea about the most important fashion accessories that you should ideally possess.
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