Is MYJOY Metal Accessory product supply chain complete?
DongGuan MYJOY Metal Accessory Co. Ltd is proud of our professional and complete supply chain which features high cost-efficiency and operational feasibility. From the raw material sourcing to the manufacturing process, the materials are always timely transported to our factory with traceable records. Within the workshops, we carry out system management for the products, effectively reducing the turnover time. The supply chain functions well leading to improved productivity. We will keep managing the supply chain at each session to boost our manufacturing capacity and facilitate business development.

The development of society drives MYJOY to promote successfully its economical power and production capabilities. The purse accessories series is widely praised by customers. MYJOY purse accessories is tested under an environmental test chamber. It is carried out by our engineers and technicians who spend time conducting fatigue testing of fans and performance qualifications of pumps. As an important factor, snap hook facilitates the high-quality production of swivel snap hooks to meet needs of more customers. With reinforced treatment, the product can absorb the expected dynamic loads.

We promise to seriously handle all the wastes during production. No toxic and harmful chemicals will be discharged to cities.
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