How to Keep Pace With Fashion

by:MYJOY     2020-06-08
You have already placed an investment of time and money into you selection of clothes. The .accessories that include with your outfit are just as important as the clothes themselves. Maximize the whole effect by taking care what accessories you add. Handbag The handbag is the most important accessory in your wardrobe. It should blend with the rest of the outfit rather than be glaringly different. It should also be big enough so that it can hold all of the items that you need to carry. It doesn't have to match all your clothes but there should be some coordination. For example, the color and design of your handbags should be versatile enough to go with more than one outfit. Leather bags in black, brown and yellowish-brown are good for daytime use. Belt A belt is a flexible band made of leather or fabric or a chain of metal worn around the waist. It supports clothes and it can also serve as a purpose of style and fashion. Belts come in different colors, styles and width. The basic colors for leather belts are black, brown and yellowish-brown. Try to mix them well with the color of your handbag. Wearing a belt the same color of your skirt of trousers will give a slim look. Scarf A scarf is usually worn on or near the head, for warmth and fashion. In cold winter, a thick knitted scarf is often tied around the neck. This is usually accompanied by a warm hat and heavy coat. For European style, shawls are worn for extra warmth. In fashion, a scarf can be used as a casual necklace, or as a nice decoration under a shirt collar, or over a turtle-neck or T-shirt. It can be used as a head wrap by folding two corners in and folding again. Sunglasses Whether it is summer or not, you should always keep a pair of sunglasses with you and wear them whenever you are out in the sun. Beyond making you look trendy and stylish, sunglasses have another, more important function-to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. When we wear sunglasses, the colored tint of the lenses blocks the light from our eyes. It causes our pupils to become larger in order to get more light from the surroundings and to continue seeing properly. When buying sunglasses, better choose those that are to close-fitting or have larger lenses.
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