How many MYJOY brass belt buckle manufacturers are sold per year?
Annual sales volume is very positive. As society develops, the demand for brass belt buckle manufacturers has been increasing in the market, which contributes to the popularity of MYJOY who has been specialized in producing exquisite products for years. Since the product was launched by us, it has attracted more and more attention from customers at home and abroad, thus leading higher annual sales volume.

MYJOY plays a great role in leading the trend of Chinese d ring buckle industry. The d ring buckle series is widely praised by customers. All components of MYJOY handbag hardware are manufactured in accordance with the latest refrigeration technologies including heat recovery, ventilation, and temperature controls. It significantly enhances the overall look of the handbag with its color matching the leather. With handbag tags labels features and key characteristics, handbag labels can well suit customer's application requirements. The product is easy to clean and replace.

We have forced sustainability practices into every aspect of our business. For example, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize production waste.
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