How Do Chanel Become The World's Most Famous Brand?

by:MYJOY     2020-06-10
'Double C' has become a kind of fashion, and also the brand which woman on this earth all want to have!Eternal Chanel which has become the world's most famous brand. CHANEL madam (GABRIELLE CHANEL) was born in 1883 and died in 1971. COCO was her childhood name, although she left us for a long time,her classical style has always been the ancestor of fashionable bound. Her favourite color are black and white,and she liked to realize an absolute beauty and perfect harmony of these two color.She left many views about fashion to lead this era of popular.She thought real beauty is both the inside and outside.Although pop change constantly,the style will never be eliminated.At the same time she believed in the 'simple' is the optimal way to present the good sense. She left many classical designs including: NO. 5 perfume, tweed, double-color shoes, small black dress, etc. Classic accessory is the chain belt handbag which advocate woman to empty their hands.Her beloved camellia is also shining in silks pattern which satins in dinner packages. Although Chanel started her business by clothes, she began to entrust producing lipstick and makeup early in 1925 for her own and the guest.Only these displayed in her boutiques were hit CHANEL name.5 listed began to produce in 1921, now it has become very excellent project of chanel.She launched new perfume every once in a while.Chanel also made great efforts in leading cosmetics which were introduced every season and unsold if outlet. All products are attracted by market extremely and have great charm. Chanel also rolls out skin careseries in recent years, which are different skin care process for oily, neutral and dry skin. In these years chanel has attacked Asian skincare product and showed strong ambitions for it. Chanel itself was very smart and dared to challenge the traditional shapes and liberate the traditional things against the secular naysayers, such as mixing male and female attire, making sportswear become fashion clothes and using shoulder bag and suit to liberate the type of woman while to create female fashion age and so on.Modern small black dress has been fashionable now to break mourning regulation in black clothes only.Chanel has created a time of her own! She opened the boutiques in 1921 and in the same year NO. 5 perfume was also born. She boldly said: 'can you also do activities while wearing huge hat?' To end the age of huge hat, the concise millinery she designed has become a fashion top, she have a lot of innovative ideas. She showed outstandingly, showing her exciting thoroughly thoughts for human hearts.
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