Glamorous Handbags: Accessorize Like a Fashionista

by:MYJOY     2020-06-17
Ask any fashionista and you will discover there is nothing quite as satisfying as finding that next eye catching handbag. For your next fashion conscious acquisition, consider the wide range of handbags that combine dazzling style and outstanding utility from designer Joann Huth. Originally hailing from the fashion capital of the world, this New York native channeled her frequent traveling and love of stylish accessories into a whole new line of clutches and bags for women on the go. Since the introduction of Huth's organizing Transfer Bags, Ritz Bags and Posh Bags, countless happy customers have discovered a new level of versatile and attractive solutions for staying organized and looking great on the run. Whether you need a bag for traveling, heading out for a night on the town or for those regular day to day errands, Joann Huth has the accessory for you. Take a moment to learn about a few offerings from each of this fabulous brand's various lines of handbags. The Eve Bag The Eve Bag is one of the popular favorites from the Ritz Bag collection. Designed with a night out of the house in mind, the Ritz Bag line offers a wide range of clutches that emphasize contemporary styling. Each Ritz Bag features an eye catching look punctuated by a layer of sparkling Swarovski crystals, luxurious, sleek hardware and an optional 40 inch gold or silver tone chain strap for quick conversion into an over the shoulder bag. This classic clutch with an artistic twist is adorned with a solid layer of silver crystals with an elegant leafy branch design stretching across the front, executed in forest green crystals. The clutch's silver clasp offers push-lock closure and is topped with an extra large silver crystal. The interior is lined with plush metallic leather and is large enough to hold all your essential accessories plus the hide-away silver chain strap. The Shido Bag Taking some cues from the Ritz Bag line, the Shido Bag is one of the stand out jewels of the Posh Bag collection. Posh Bags are sleek and stylish clutches that complement nearly any attire, from elegant evening gowns to more toned down casual ensembles. Featuring fabric construction, each Posh Bag is adorned with an eye catching Austrian crystal embellishment, stepping your look up an extra notch. The luxurious Shido Bag is an upscale number featuring a soft black satin exterior. Its fold over top is decked with four stylish folds and is tipped with a dazzling white and olive Austrian crystal pendant in the shape of an eight petal flower. The interior of this bag is lined with elastic pockets to keep all your most important accessories close at hand and organized. Solid Black Classic Transfer Bag A bastion of practicality and order in the life of any busy woman, the Solid Black Classic Transfer Bag represents the line that started it all. Offering a way to quickly transfer all of your belongings from purse to purse in just seconds, Joann Huth's Transfer Bags are at once incredibly practical and stylish enough to be fashionable purses on their own. Transfer Bags come in a range of sizes and styles to fit perfectly into almost any style of bag, making your hectic days just a little bit simpler. This particular model is one of the most versatile Transfer Bags available, featuring several pockets along its solid black exterior, in addition to elastic inner pockets and a satin-lined built in cosmetic bag, which is soft enough to hold a pair of glasses without scratching them. The bag comes with a detachable and extendible for use as an independent accessory in a pinch. Silver Handle-It Transfer Bag Another top offering from the Transfer Bag line, this bag is a part of the Handle-It subcategory, which offers stylish detachable shoulder straps for each model so you can quickly convert your organizer into a shoulder bag. This Silver model is constructed of faux leather and features a sleek and stylish look that will give even the purse you use it with a run for its money. With several spacious outer pockets and a zippered cosmetic bag on the inside, this Transfer Bag makes it simple to switch purses at a moment's notice while keeping all your most important gear organized and close at hand. You will especially appreciate the bag's built in key loop to keep a handle on those most lose-able of necessities. As more and more electronic devices become indispensible essentials in our day to day lives, it becomes ever harder to be both organized and fashionable. Joann Huth's versatile line of clutches and transfer bags takes care of both problems in a single shot. Add a bit of head turning style and nerve-calming order to your life with one of these stylish and functional handbags.
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