Fashionable Handbags That Combine Form And Function

by:MYJOY     2020-06-20
When you head out for a night on the town you have one thing on your mind, and that is having a blast with your friends. Part of the fun comes from laughing, dancing, and meeting new and interesting people. But before all that, you can have just as much fun putting together your evening ensemble. Getting dressed up before you head out can add an extra bit of excitement to an ordinary night of hitting your favorite spots. Bust out your most fabulous dress and slip into your most spectacular pair of shoes. Get your hair done, paint your nails, and put on some make-up. All these elements combine exquisitely to form a look that will make you feel like a million bucks. One 'must' for every outfit is a sensible handbag. After all, if you are going out for the night, you are going to need a place to put all of your things. But you don't want just any old handbag; you want something that will add another piece of excitement to your outfit. These thrilling purses more than fit the bill. The Viola Bag A simple black dress is always a fabulous 'go to' when you need to look your very best. But you also shouldn't be afraid to add a little bit of color into the mix. By contrasting different parts of your wardrobe, you make the whole look appear even more spectacular. The Viola Bag has a dazzling array of colors that will look incredible when paired with an otherwise matching outfit. This handbag has shades from all across the rainbow glittering around the bag in circles that mix in and out of one another. Blues, oranges, yellows, reds, greens, and more all mix together and create an unparalleled effect. These interspersed colors mix in and contrast with the gunmetal crystal background. The inside of this bag is as practical as the outside is flamboyant. Metallic silver-colored leather lines the inside and makes for a great place to put your extra make-up, cash, or credit cards. The Viola measures seven inches wide by three and a half inches tall by one and a half inches deep. The Abigail Bag There is nothing like going out to see one of your favorite bands with your friends. The lights, the people, and the sounds of your favorite musicians doing their thing add up to create memories that will last a lifetime. The Abigail bag is a glamorous accessory that shows off a little bit of your rocking and rolling side. Silver Swarovski crystals form the image of a skull and crossbones amidst a sea of contrasting black crystals. Cinch this bag shut with a push-in lock, which has been topped off with one single large crystal. One of the most convenient parts of the bag is that it comes equipped with a detachable shoulder chain that measures 40 inches long. This means that you can carry the Abigail like a clutch or sling it over your shoulder for extra convenience. The Abigail measures five and a half inches wide by three and a half inches tall by one and a half inches deep. The Lola Bag For many people, there is no holiday that is quite as much fun as the Fourth of July. Unlike Christmas, you don't have to worry about buying presents. And instead of feeling obligated to hang out with your family on Thanksgiving, you can just throw a Fourth of July barbecue with your friends. The Lola bag celebrates the fun part of the fourth with jazzy firework designs. The 'fireworks' on this bag are made from shining Swavorski crystals that come in pink, bronze, and aqua colors. These crystals reflect brightly on a background of silver. The Lola also comes with a versatile shoulder strap measuring 40 inches long. Metallic leather lines the inside of this bag, which measures six inches wide by three inches tall by two and a half inches deep. The Carol Bag The Fleur-de-lis is an easily recognizable symbol around the world. You may have seen it as the symbol of the New Orleans Saints or as the emblem of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. This classic symbol was even once a popular calling card of monarchies in historical Europe. The Carol features this delightful symbol in pewter-toned Swarovski crystals on contrasting silver crystals. The bag is in a convenient semi-circular shape and is great for all of your must-have items. The Carol measures seven inches wide by four inches tall by two inches deep. When you hit the town with your friends, you are sure to have fun and excitement on your mind. Throw any of these delightful bags over your shoulder and guarantee yourself a fabulous night out.
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