Coach 2010 Kristin Series Build Downy Feeling Lazy

by:MYJOY     2020-06-28
Each year, according to the COACH will cost $500 million people worldwide in more than 2, the consumer market research with accurate market figures to manage brand. As the Coach handbags of weekly barron said: 'the evaluation to customer needs and desires, almost no company can rival companies with COACH.' The Coach's success lies in the innovation and progress. Improved Kristin series is the best brand of masterpiece. This spring, a series of back, Kristin brings more slender downy gentle, and with the appearance of the curtain of drape details of contemporary and impressive. New Kristin leather handbag with a shoulder with element, to create the feeling of leather and chain adorn aglet and former bag design and convenient and practical, is the necessary living women age. Kristin series with citric yellow, lime white except the camel's hair, and natural color, there is quite popular in recent years, the metal color for the entire series adds shine light. Prices rise not only the COACH of leather products brand beauty, recent action plan in the faith, frequently in Taipei 101 and the opening two criterion Lutheran A4, and the original big leaf high island house and Nancy three more two stores, fully visible reconfigured to COACH can markets. Taipei 101, because the image boutiques in foreign tourists sightseeing visiting, thus limited limited series, will be the main strengths, and A4 museum needless to say, all for the biggest CAOCH flagship, the design of the rich items, not much. COACH besides continue to use such as leather, leather of solid LOGO canvas to deduce C, and join the hair, and the hills sheepskin, while adding a seasonal etc, with color neon blue and purple and red ochre, reusing the colour and lustre of mysterious breath as strengthening the autumn atmosphere, let a person delighted the bag type is various, the style design and keep in restoring ancient ways, sweet smell sweet bowknot, through a margin, chubby maomao details such as metal rings, let a female compatriot is hard to resist.
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