Choosing The Right Handbag Size For Your Needs

by:MYJOY     2020-06-29
It's no mystery that the handbag has become one of the most integral accessories in our day to day life. The type of bag that you purchase showcases to the world your fashion tastes, so having a handbag that is of optimal size can ensure that you are always looking your best. Today it's important for handbags to be as much fashionable as they are functional. If the handbag fits your style while having fashion value, then that's an excellent combination. For that reason, it's important that the bag you choose fits your needs and style. Here are just some of a number of things that you may want to think about when out shopping for that handbag. Your body shape: the shape of your body plays an integral role in how your bag looks while you are wearing it. If you would like the bag to look its best while in your arms, then here are a few things that you should consider: If you have sturdy thighs and hips and are pair shaped, then you are better off going for a clutch handbag, which you can carry either under your arms or on your waist. This way, the bag will not draw any attention to the fuller areas of your body. If you have a stomach that's large, then you may want to go for a handbag that has a short handle which you can position under your arm or you can have it below your hips with a handbag that has long straps. If your waist is long, then it's most ideal if your handbag ends around the hip area. This will create a break around the waist line of your body. If your waist is short, then you should go with a long strap bag which ends below your hip or a clutch bag. If you have fairly large breasts, then you may want to avoid shoulder bags which position themselves above your waist. Your outfit: the style of your outfit has a direct influence on the style of your handbag. Large and medium size handbags are most suitable for work and casual clothing. If you intend to go to a formal party or a particular special occasion wearing dressess, then you may want to opt for a soft and small handbag. Your lifestyle needs: If you are someone who reads a lot of fashion magazines, then you should consider examining the numerous bags that are illustrated on them, as there's a bag most suited for everybody. You should first establish your needs before you buy anything. Your handbag should be as functional as it is fashionable.
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