Chanel Handbag Series of New Chanel Unlimited

by:MYJOY     2020-07-02
This season, Karl Lagerfeld conceived expansionChanel bagand accessories. The top masters, makes introduction of a refreshing series of full range of handbags and accessories, which called 'CHANEL Unlimited'. This group of extremely lightweight and new accessories is the perfect balance of practicality and beauty combination, the texture is glossy silver-gray canvas, and many key words printed on the Chanel: Paris ... Cambon 31 ... Coco ...Chanel... from the inside to the outside, by repeating the arrangement, showing a progressive level. Canvas has been specially treated, which made it can stand the test of weather and time. When this new series were launched, bags and accessories appealed many attentions by its many varied styles and shapes. No matter life or travel, daily use or leisure activities, they have designed their models to match: mini bag, clutch, hobo stray bags, shopping bags or even care for the perfect little black dress or favorite tweed jacket clothing special bag. Close zipper, multiple inside the bag, discount elegant design, enhanced durability of the fabric, lightweight easy to find key rings, thoughtful design is the designer in every possible way, is the top leather Chanel's exquisite performance of the production process. Chanel has become fashionable nowadays noble target, because of the rejuvenation of the brand, and once again lead the world to popular fashion trend. Whether purses, jewelry or earrings on the signs is a gorgeous symbol of elegance, it makes every woman want to have it. Chanel dress and the women wear so much a pursuit of fashion, as it is looking for timeless elegance. Chanel is well-known by many people. Although one may not have anything manufactured by the iconic clothing designer giant,Chanel is called to their pets, and even their children name after Coco Chanel. What is the big deal with it? History of Gabrielle 'coco' Chanel started her fashion career from 1909 to 1910. After opening a small shop in Paris in 1909, it marks the beginning of a fashionable empire. Chanel began as fashion designer of elegant gowns and suits. It wasn't until later she designed the handbags and her classic aromas, Chanel No. 5. The Facts The original Chanel handbag was called the 2.55. The name comes from the month and year that it was created on February, 1955. After that date, Karl Lagerfeld who had the cooperation with Chanel and took over the business in 1983 reimported the same handbag in 2005. It has the same exact details as the original handbag. Identification The original Chanel 2.55 handbag can be identified with the different ways that is the lining is brown and is representative of the uniform Chanel wore into monastery where she grew up. The inside has a zippered room for apparently concealing her love letters. There is a back pocket or flap for Chanel hiding extra money. The shoulder strap is made with gold chains, similar to the chains on which a nun at the convent where she grew up hung on their keys. The Mademoiselle Lock is the most popular of the trademarks. Evolution The original has changed and is now more subdued in style. Although it still has the chain shoulder strap, the CC logo is not easily identified. The shape and size is similar. But if you do not have a discerning eye, you might not recognize the updated 'Re-Release' of the original 2.55 as a Chanel.
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