All You Need to Know About The Designer Bag

by:MYJOY     2020-07-05
All you need to know about the designer bag. It sounds daunting, huh? But in reality it's pretty simple. Some people may not know a lot about designer bags, but don't worry. All you need to know is a few different styles and designers out there in the market. Here are some key designer bags based on style: Shoulder Handbags Probably one of the most popular styles of designer handbags has to be the shoulder handbag. Hundreds of designers like Dior, Louis Vuitton and Coach are popular brands that women all over the world love. A classic style that has held its own over the years has to be the Chanel quilted flap bag. With its elegant quilted pattern, classic monogram hardware and distinct chain shoulder strap, the Chanel flap bag is one of the most iconic designer bags in the world. However there are a couple of designer shoulder bags that have should be given credit. The Marc Jacobs Stam bag, Fendi's Spy bag, and Christian Dior's Saddle bag are just a few of the many fabulous designer bags that we can't get enough of. Totes Over recent years, the tote bag has been making a comeback. What's great about the tote bag is that not only is it easy to carry around, but many brands have made their totes fashionable and affordable. For example Marc Jacobs presented a line of environmentally friendly canvas totes'many with funky and humorous designs'costing less than $100! This goes to show you that you can have a designer bag on frugal budget. Traveling When it comes to traveling, tons of designer bag companies have revolutionized the way we go on vacation. The well-known luggage brand, Samsonite has always had a wide variety of beautiful roll-away, hand luggage, brief cases and garment bags. But more recently the company has expanded into fashionable luggage to keep up with trends among female travelers. That's something to definitely watch out for. Another well-known luggage and handbag brand that has been gaining back popularity is the Longchamp label. This Parisian brand has created some of the most classic travel bags and luggage. Such pieces like the Le Pliage folding handbag and the Boxford luggage series have become timeless Longchamp styles. Its balance between functionality and design is something that has made Longchamp the classic luggage manufacturer for over 60 years. Clutches For those special nights on the town, clutches are the best handbag of choice. Some brands that have hot clutch lines are Hobo International, Tory Burch, and Stuart Weitzman. But if you're looking for more formal clutches, try Jessica McClintock. Many of the brand's clutch line come in a variety of colors and designs that are easy to mix and match. Designer bags are definitely a fabulous piece of fashion that all women should have. From clutches to luggage and from dressy to casual, there is definitely a designer bag for every occasion.
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