Accessorise Your Accessories

by:MYJOY     2020-07-08
Accessorise your accessories with the fashion must have this century. Many opt for one accessory to complete an outfit but you can wear many accessories that will complement one another without overdoing it. The handbag is the ultimate accessory for both day and evening. Handbags are a necessity we need them to hold our daily belongings and many of us feel lost without our handbag. With our smart phones, agenda, purse, book etc. Our daily journey to work or on your daily outing, needs to be accompanied by our beloved handbag. Handbags are not only practical they have become a fashion icon. Designs have evolved over the years. With a basic bag holding coins to now, large oversized fashion must haves. Handbags come in range of styles, materials, and colours. Handbags have now become more desired then clothes and jewellery. The main fashion handbags that are loved are the Hermes Birkin bag, Hermes Kelly and Chanel 2.55 bag. There are many replicas on the high-street but the original genuine handbags are costly but luxurious, the material lasts longer and does require care and love but is worth an investment.The Chanel 2.55 handbag range is smaller compared to the Hermes range but exudes elegance and style. They are simpler but have made the same impact to fashion lovers like the Hermes Birkin bag. A fashion accessory contributes to compliment an outfit. Handbags are greatly admired as a fashion accessory, they turn heads and most importantly complete an outfit, but there are many other accessorise that complement an outfit. Some have turned to watches, statement necklaces, and bangles. For a more luxurious approach, there are other accessories, which are great for both day and evening. Scarves are luxurious; they can be worn in winter and in summer, and are great as an accessory. Scarves protect you from the sun and warm you up in the winter. Hermes scarf is perfect to compliment any outfit making it add that extra touch of sophistication and luxury. Hermes scarves, commonly made from silk or cotton are soft elegant and beautifully designed. If going out in the evening why not add a touch of glamour to the outfit with Chanel earrings. Large Chanel stud earrings are great to complete the outfit for a dinner date or an evening out. You can still add a scarf and it works as both a great accessory and as a practical item which you can keep you warm from the evening chills. Handbags change every year this year for spring and summer the following are the must have designs to have in your wardrobe; The oversized clutch The tote Box leather bags To find out the latest must haves visit
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