A Quick Guide to Self Defense Products For Women

by:MYJOY     2020-07-09
Knowing how to defend yourself is extremely important for women. With so much violence in our society these days, it is helpful knowing about some useful devices for self defense that women can use to help fight off an attacker. The world is not easy for a citizen and this is especially true for females. They can be pursued and often are assaulted by men. To prevent getting raped at their hands, it would be wise to keep products to protect yourself from those people who want to hurt you. You will not be able to compete with your stalker in strength, however, these items will help you in fighting him off. There are various self protection products readily available on the market now. It is your choice which device you will select for your self protection. Pepper sprays This is one of the most common types of product used by women for self defense. Mace pepper sprays are available in assorted designs, shapes and sizes. Therefore it becomes very easy to camouflage them to look like commonplace items. Some mace sprays are disguised to look like a tube of lipstick, designer jewelry and beepers are also other ways defense spray is disguised. This will come as a surprise to your stalker since he will in no way think that your ring is basically your weapon to make stop his attack. Two favorite name brands of mace sprays are Hot Shot and Wildfire. Personal alarms Personal alarms are small hand-held electronic devices which have the ability to emit a deafening siren-like alarming sound when set off. These gizmos are also used by many ladies as a mechanism for defending themselves against an attacker. Upon hearing the loud siren, often the assailant will leave the scene of the crime as rapidly as he possibly can not wanting to attract attention to himself. Personal alarms can be also camouflaged to look like everyday objects such as a flashlight. They are compact and sleek and are convenient to carry around in a pocket, handbag or knapsack. In addition, personal alarms can be carried on your key chain. Stun guns A stun gun is a weapon used to curtail an attacker without causing lethal injury, typically by giving out an electric shock. Many adult females feel that these devices are the best type of weapon for self defense. Ladies have a huge variety of models to pick from. They are little and can be very easily disguised with other items in your knapsack. Some examples of a disguised stunner is the mobile phone, lipstick, pager and pen stun guns. Mobile phones are the most commonly used type of stun guns preferred by ladies. These less-than-fatal guns hold high electrical, low-amp charges. Some of the high quality stunners have a disabling pin attached with it. The moment your attacker grabs it from you, the stun gun will not operate and will become useless. This stops your attacker from using the device on you. Three popular top brands of stun guns are Stun Master, Z-Force and Uzi. Electronic control devices An electronic control device (ECD) is a hand-held electroshock instrument that uses electrical current delivered by two barbs attached by wires to batteries to disrupt voluntary control of muscles in the wrongdoer. A lot of women maintain that these type weapons are even more forceful than stun guns. Well made ECDs are beneficial for gals because they will stop any aggressor, however big or canny he may be. The best thing about ECDs is that they are effective even from a distance of about fifteen feet. This means it can prevent the attacker from getting the opportunity to grab the self defense instrument from you. Two manufacturers of electronic control devices are the TASER and PhaZZer. As you can see there is variety of products for self defense available to consider. Depending on your surroundings and your preferences, you can choose a weapon to meet your needs. Make sure that the weapon should meet your need and it should be used effectively whenever you are in danger, against an aggressor.
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