3 Tips For Determine Leather Bags

by:MYJOY     2020-07-11
Nowadays, online shopping would be popular not only in the group of young people; the actual consumer group and potential clients would keep on expansion every day. Online selling such as B2B and B2C mode would be with impressive advantage like low cost for store rent or direct supply chain. Client would have the opportunity to gain the goods with much cheaper prices. However, the online selling would be also treated as the double-edge sword. There are lots of fake products selling on the internet. For women, leather bags would be one of the necessary items for daily use. Every woman would hope to get a proper piece of real leather bag to showcase the fashionable design and personal disposition. However, if we want to buy a piece of real leather handbag via internet, how could we prevent the tragic result to buy a fake woman bag or handbag with dissatisfied craftsmanship or applied material. As matter of fact, we could make use of the special feature of leather to determine whether your handbag would be a fake one or not in short time. Here are 3 steps for your reference. First of all, all the material for bag would be with the original smell or the sense from the dyeing material. For the real leather, it would be with the natural smell of animal fur. Instead, the fake material would be with huge amount of chemical integration, which would be full of the strong sense of plastic. Secondly, make a specific observation on the bag. Leather would be with lots of tiny pores like our skin. You would find them if you look carefully. To the opposite, the artificial leather would be not with such pores. In addition, the real leather's pore would be even or in sort of regular. Such as the leather made by yellow bull fur would be thinner, the leather from goat fur would be with the pore in the shape of fish scale and so on. Finally, we may try touching the leather. The real leather would be with sound feature of flexibility and durable capacity. If you feel the fur would be quite smooth and fluent for fingers, which means such leather women bag or leather handbag would be made by the real leather. The artificial leather like PU or PVC would be with poor flexibility or without any natural margin for damage durability. It would be thick, solid or even dry for finger touching.
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